Content Policy


The purpose of the repository is to store and present the published output of Massey University research on the Internet.

“For the purposes of the PBRF, research is original investigation undertaken in order to contribute to knowledge and understanding and, in the case of some disciplines, cultural innovation or aesthetic refinement.”

Content will include material produced by Massey staff and students in the course of their employment or study and may include material produced by currently employed staff before their arrival at Massey. In the case of staff leaving the University only that material produced during their period of employment by Massey will necessarily be retained.

Material within the repository will include:

  • Refereed research articles that have been published or accepted for publication by recognised academic or professional journals
  • Other refereed research contributions such as conference papers, books or book chapters
  • Theses and dissertations written and submitted to fulfil the degree requirements of Massey University (a thesis is defined as having a value of 90 credits or greater)
  • Theses and dissertations not covered by submission requirements but voluntarily submitted by staff or students
  • Research reports and other substantial pieces of student work, particularly at postgraduate level, forwarded by academic departments
  • Nonrefereed research materials such as conference contributions, public lectures, books or book chapters
  • Other formal researchbased contributions such as working papers, discussion papers, reports and submissions
  • Artistic or literary works relating to the submitter’s academic discipline.

The repository will not include:

  • Administrative material
  • Material intended purely for teaching or instruction
  • Unpublished research outside the submitter’s academic discipline
  • Material that may result in legal action being taken against the university
  • Summary documents, except in the case of embargoed theses

The repository will only make materialopenly accessible if:

  • The copyright owner of the material (who may differ from the creator and submitter) permits it, and
  • The submitter understands that it will be available free of charge to all users of the internet

More information:

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